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Dr. Steve Kim believes in the importance of smiles. Smiles are initially what drew him to pursue a career in dentistry. Something as simple as a smile can drastically affect one's confidence and mood for the day -- and our oral health often directly affects our smile. Dr. Kim is pretty easy to smile himself and will do whatever he can to help his patient's do the same. 

Dr. Steve Kim completed his undergraduate education in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Berkeley and is a graduate of the UCLA School of Dentistry, where he also spent 3 years actively researching the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer cell growth and development, particularly as it pertains to cell transformation and immortalization. He was awarded the National Institute of Health's T-32 research training grant, contributing to the publication of two research papers during this period (Kang, 2007; Shin, 2007).

 Ultimately though, it was the importance of smiles and promoting good oral health that drew Dr. Kim back to the clinical aspect of dentistry. He is definitely a "people person" and loves working with his staff and patients. Dr. Kim strongly believes in promoting preventative dental care and whenever possible, conservative dental procedures. 

Dr. Kim lives with his wife, Juliana, and his two daughters, Alicia and Ella. He loves to draw and doodle (and he will probably doodle a tooth or two when you come to visit) in his spare time. He loves hiking and mountain biking with his daughters.